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The spiritual books from Gwendolyn Carole Tipton in Cincinnati, Ohio, will help you get closer to God. I have written two books focusing on prayer: The Prayor: One Who Prays and Feeling Wheels.


I write poetic messages of celebration, reflection, and emotions, as well as prayers and Bible verses. I have gotten positive comments on my journal and I take a different approach to Bible verses that people don't think of when they are writing a prayer.

People have said they can relate to my writing in Feeling Wheels, a book filled with emotional and spiritual poetry. The price of this book is $19.95.

Feeling Wheels

The Prayor: One Who Prays is a yearlong journal with Bible verses and prayers and space where people could write their own prayers.
This book sells for $24.95.

The Prayor Flyer

Contact me to learn more about Feeling Wheels.