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Gwendolyn Carole TiptonGwendolyn Carole Tipton
Author and Public Speaker

Ms. Tipton grew up in Hamilton, Ohio, surrounded by believers. She learned very early in life about the power of prayer and fills her books with Bible Verses and Prayers.

As a writer, she hopes her books encourage others to write and pray daily, using a journal.

She has published four books:
First—The Prayor:  One Who Prays (2013)
Second—Feeling Wheels (2014)
Third—The Prayor Worships with Isaiah (2015)
Fourth—Journal It! Take Hold of Your Life By Journaling (2019)

As a long time writer prior to retirement, she spent thirty-seven years as part of her profession, writing documents, newsletters and speaking to large and small groups across the country.

Her career highlights include serving as Senior Vice President of GMAC Mortgage Corporation in Philadelphia, Director at the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation in Washington, DC, Vice President of Federal Home Loan Bank of Cincinnati, and Chief Executive Officer of a small public company.

Ms. Tipton earned a Graduate Certificate in Savings and Loan Finance from Indiana University and her Bachelors and Master's degrees from the University of Cincinnati.

She has spent more than half of her life in the Cincinnati area where she has many accomplishments and honors, which include the founding member of the Women’s Alliance, Inc., Cincinnati Enquirer Women of the Year, and YWCA Career Women of Achievement.  Her national recognition includes Martin Luther King Drum Major for Justice, Outstanding Young Women of America, and Who’s Who in America.

During her professional career, she has spoken before the Congress of the United States of America regarding the housing needs of low-and moderate income communities and in more than 50 communities around the country.

She lectures in the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of Cincinnati and The Institute for Learning in Retirement at Miami University. This year, her class titles are “Take Hold of Your Life by Journaling” and “Take Hold of Your Life by Journaling II."

Recent Presentations

  • "Mother’s Day Prayer"
  • "Prayer of Healing"
  • "Promising Proverbs"
  • "Visioning Me"
  • "Meet Maya Angelou: My Author Icon"
  • "Listening for the Voice of God"
  • "Share the Christmas Story"
  • "Dealing with Your Negative Past"
  • "We are the Others...who will bring People to the Kingdom"
  • "Rejoice in Hope"
  • "Our Faith Must Prompt Us to Action"
  • "We Can Do It"
  • "Take Hold of Your Life by Journaling"
  • "How to Journal and Pray Using The Prayor: One Who Prays"
  • "How to Read and Write Poetry using Feeling Wheels"
  • "How to Write a Meditative Journal"
  • "Journeying from CEO to a Number at Alderson Federal Camp for Women"

Gwendolyn Carol Tipton really comprehends the intensity of petition and has composed persuasive journaling guidance to help lead readers out of the darkest corners of their lives and into positions of harmony. Journaling was a habit Gwendolyn adapted right off the bat throughout everyday life while sharpening her move through corporate America to the position of CEO. Be that as it may, it wasn't until a progression of mix-ups prompted her sentence to a government camp facility for women where she genuinely discovered her calling. She also learned gratitude from fifty special family members and friends who bolstered her throughout that season of her life.

While Gwendolyn loves writing, her greatest loves are her husband and their son and daughter. They currently live in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Her four current books include:

  • The Prayor: One Who Prays offers 365 Bible verses and prayers that serve as prompts to encourage you to journal your personal prayers.
  • Feeling Wheels is a book of poetic messages of celebration and reflection, as well as song lyrics. There are 250 verses filled with emotional and spiritual prose.
  • The Prayor Worships with Isaiah explores the book of Isaiah using journaling and prayer. These messages from Isaiah provide a path for continued spiritual growth.
  • Journal It! Take Hold of Your Life by Journaling speaks to opportunities to create something new or plan for something new is your life.

Gwendolyn has one unpublished devotional book about the Promises in Provers, and she is working on others that focus on the subjects of “taking-care love, an odyssey of adoration and thinking about one your cherish.” These books are expected to be published in 2020.

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