Gwendolyn Carole Tipton



Happy Mother's Day - Prayer - 2019

Our Father, we acknowledge your presence in this Holy Place called Carmel. We rejoice in knowing that you are the source of all our needs and blessings. We thank you for your Grace that you give to us freely without our asking. We believe that you are a living, loving and unforgiving God. Therefore, we ask you to forgive our sins…those we committed knowingly and those we committed by not focusing on your guidance. 

Deuteronomy 4:9 says to Mothers and Fathers: Only be careful, and watch yourselves closely so that you do not forget the things your eyes have seen or let them fade from your heart as long as you live. Teach them to your children and to their children after them.

We ask that you touch the hearts of your chosen mothers. Instruct them to be coaches and role models to their children. Show them the way. Guide them. Grant them insight, peace, strength, wisdom, faith and hope when the enemy attacks, in any way.

Lord, we ask you to hurl refreshing downpours of favor upon them. Lift their spirits when there is by all accounts no expectation. Be their comforter in troublesome times.

Help mother to comprehend that a most significant – world-changing happening may occur through her child, with your direction and care.

We especially pray for single mothers, who must lean solely on you for the fathering of their children. We thank you for surrounding children who may never know their earthly father. We also pray for mothers who never had the honor of bearing children, yet whose nurturing extends out to numerous poor and needy children, who cross the edge of their lives. We pray that all fathers, too, feel happiness in this season.

Holy Spirit, we pray that individuals actually observe a difference in us because of your presence within us.  In the name of our Father, we say Amen.

Carol Braddock May 13, 2019

In her book, Feeling Wheels, Gwendolyn Carole Tipton presents 250 poems of celebration, reflection, and emotions. She wrote all of the poems, songs, and quatrains to focus on spirituality and love.

May 2019

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is meant to remind,
children of something special to say.
But, I want you to know my,
life was enriched when we met. 
I am honored to be your mom.

To My Daughter

You are such a part of me.
You are so very like me.
You bring me joy at the thought of you.
You ring cheer in my ears, when I hear your voice.
As my mother said—you are beautifully made.

I wish I could save you from pain.
I wish I could share my life’s gains.
I wish I could manage your life.
I wish I could stop you from going left.
But, I can’t, just because I see what’s on the right.

Like me, you possess the zest of my youth.
Like me, your love loves himself more than others.
Like me, you strive to help make his dreams come true.
Like me, you follow him, believing soon, he will take care of you.
My mother tried to tell me so, but I would not listen….

February 2019

Love You

Since I do love you,
how can I explain the ways?
May I write a love song my feelings sing,
then I’ll play a melody where our closeness rings.

How much do I love you,
is it measured in time by days?
May I capture it in new ways,
then I’ll search for a depth beyond all ways.

Why do I love you,
is it because you’re beautiful to me?
May I tell you when we live together,
then I’ll empty out my heart to you forever.

Love Is...

Love is a feeling—when your heart
flutters and your mind races to
reach a newly found joy.

Love is a belief that — when you saw
that certain smile — you found a new
friend to appreciate.

Love is knowing—the sound of that
voice is bringing you messages
filled with kindness and hope.

I give thanks for those I love—
Him above—and for anyone who
loves me in return.

September 2018

The Dreamer Dreams

Looking up, the sky’s white clouds tell stories;
portraits showing the day’s expectancy.
Looking around… people, places, events
justify dreams formulating in mind.

Looking down, the ground is a mere carpet
carrying me forward where wanting goes.
Closing my eyes to see dreams unfolding—

Dreams intervene.
Dreams guide.
Dreams recant.
Dreams coach.
Dreams murmur.
Dreams comfort.
Dreams anoint.
Dreams indwell.
Dreams overflow.
Dreams endure.

Dreams come revealing my life’s lights.

Sometimes I Think I’m Dreaming

I cannot believe I’m here away from it all.
My memories are mixed up in my mind.
I left my beautiful house on the shore
that brought me joy and so much more.
Then—something happened—I can’t remember what.
It took away my family and friends, and
all the things that were dear to me.
I lost a love for my life, and part of me died.
I don’t know where I am in this time of life.
Each night I lie in bed remembering a day,
a night, a precious moment.
I don’t know if I’m dreaming or re-living truth.
Sometimes I think of a person who was dear.
Time has passed, I hope you are near.

Sometimes I think I’m dreaming.
Please wake me in the morning.
Sometimes I think I’m dreaming.
Don’t wake me in the evening.
Sometimes I think I’m dreaming;
But soon the dreaming will end.

August 2018

August - Your Travel Month

August - your travel season,
filled with findings in warm breezes,
making passionate commitment,
bringing rejuvenation.

August - your travel period,
another honeymoon replete
with intense intimate moments
whose innermost you can’t repeat.

August - your travel days,
to a distant place away from
mundane tracts within daily toils,
left behind to insure pure joys.

July 2018

Fitting Together

Your touch that restored
my sense of belonging.

Your hand brought wonder, presents,
peace, and quiet.

My hand sought yours for faithfulness
and true love.

Our fit together creates a place to belong.

Be True To Yourself 

They say to thine own self be true.
But what is truth for your own self?
Is truth the real state of being?
Is truth what we make for ourselves?
Is truth simply dreams we repeat again?
Making them true for thine own self,
is it seeing into thyself?

June 2018

This is My Love Story 

This is my love story. My prince came to me.
I saw him in my dreams on Epiphany.
We exchanged a glance and continued to prance.
Two years later, I read his marriage to come.
Witnessing vows we exchanged another glance.
Rumor said his bride ran away with a friend.
Witnessing more vows we exchanged another glance.
Yes. Bride died, we exchanged a final graveside glance.
Our eyes met, he asked my name. I said Sarah.
Our hands touched as we held a lingering glance.
We wed and our first born came in the same year.
Then eight years later, our children totaled nine.
Now I lie on my bed breathing my final breaths,
believing I loved him from first sighting glance.
My prince came to me. This is my love story.

May 2018


Pentecost fills fifty days of medleys of
our encounters with the Holy Spirit.
Holy Spirit confirms the ultimate Trinity:
Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.
Holy Spirit renews the transformation gift—
the fullness of God the Father.
Holy Spirit’s shelter enriches His presence
through the fullness of God the Father.
Holy Spirit is absorbing the measure of living
images, not the dead.
Holy Spirit’s proclamation of one faith
spoken in different languages.
Holy Spirit, advocate, encourages
believers to witness His promises.
Holy Spirit expresses pleasure to dwell in us.
Holy Spirit sees God in us as one with God.
Holy Spirit reconfirms His breath on us.
Holy Spirit sends moments of grace to perfect us.
Holy Spirit completely convenes us with God.
Holy Spirit reconfirms God’s presence in us.
Holy Spirit fills us, leads us, stays with us always.

April 2018

How Do I Know I Love Him?

How do I know I love Him?
My fiat ascents to His will as Mary did.
My star lights ways to confession.
He asked me three times. I said, Yes. Yes. Yes.

How do I know He loves me?
He orders my movements and tells me what to do.
His words speak love beyond telling.
We commune for this blood to bring me peace.

March 2018 Song

This song is from Gwendolyn Carole Tipton’s book of poetry and songs - Feeling Wheels.
It can be purchased at, Smith and Hannon, and Barnes and

Keep on Praising Him

Oh, praise Him through your praise report.
Praise Him with a new hymn that’s short.
Praise Him with joyful new song.
Praise Him with music all night long.

Oh, praise Him when bud’s come in spring.
Praise Him in summer when bird’s sing.
Praise Him in fall when leaves turn brown.
Praise Him when winter snow falls down.

Oh, praise Him when pain is much to bear.
Praise Him when grief is in the air.
Praise Him when they threaten your life.
Praise Him when there is no more strife.


Praise Him. Praise Him. And keep on praising Him.
Praise Him for all seasons, for all reasons.
Praise Him. Praise Him. And keep on praising Him.

February 2018


Worry. Worry. Does it ever end?
I portend a day free of worry.
It’s the nagging fear that all will not be well.
I want to reach the end…no life. No Worry.


I hope someday that I will possess
the zeal necessary for a helpful worldwide cause,
that will reflect the inspiration of my life to
become a zealot whose fervent behavior brings change.

January 2018

This poem is from Gwendolyn Carole Tipton’s book of poetry and songs - Feeling Wheels. 
It can be purchased at, Smith and Hannon, and Barnes and

Give Thanks

Give thanks for fond memories and a clear mind,
for good friends who are there all the time.

Give thanks for lasting loves that will never end,
for unwanted loves we chose not to mend.

Give thanks for saddening days that did not last,
for happiness that helped those days pass.

Give thanks for family and children, who are dear,
for this journey called life, year after year.

December 2017

We Are Called to Measure Up 

We are called to measure up to Jesus,
as we profess our faith.
We try to imitate His presence so others recognize
the eloquence expressed in the fullness of His grace.
His redeeming life and love triumphed over suffering and
presented us tenderness with promised fidelity.
Enriched by His complimentary power of the
sacramental element envisioning a rich new life,
He directs us away in the midst of our defects to confirm
the Holy Spirit is pleased to dwell within us.
As we look for Jesus to show His eminence in our lives,
we are called to measure up.

As We Quench For Him 

As we quench for Christ, He renews us with new life as believers.
He shows His image to give us an attitude of believing.
The blind man can see and his sins are forgiven, then he believes.
The woman at the well drinks His water, her sins are forgiven.
Lazarus’ rise was the first life miracle of resurrection.
In the miracle of life, through our belief, He brings us to life,
where forgiveness is consistent with reconciliation,
because we fail each day. He chooses those whom He would have believe.
He changes our moments of disbelief; thus, we are rendered His.

November 2017


Aggression provokes offensive action in general,
exerting daring methods to generate force.
Aggression moves airborne to perpetuate despair.
Some situations mandate aggressive behavior.


Alienation causes indifference,
hostility perched on shoulders moving zig-zag.
Alienation sways, backward motion to haul,
a foreboding sense of good and bad to fall.


To aggravate makes situations
intensely worse or more severe.
Annoyed by such aggravation,
one objects to such irritation.


Anger’s displeasure satisfies belligerence.
Anger’s combustible manner ignites hot fire.
Anger spreads throughout the body giving it strength
to demand respect or move violence with ire.

October 2017


A lull in time caught me by surprise.
Time confronted emotions—less wise,
emotions that I could not control.
Control I discovered in my soul.
My soul found peace between life’s rife.
It came to prepare me to play life,
just a gentle, sweet intermezzo.

To Do List

My life requires a definitive path
filled with new To Do’s, compelled to be done.
Not done? What? Calendar for the future.
Create new lists. Each item must be done.
It leads to another task to be done.
Flexibly, I complete my To Do List.
X out the page, highlighting Ta Da –Done.
Happily, I move my To Do List on.

In her book, Feeling Wheels, Gwendolyn Carole Tipton presents 250 poems of celebration, reflection, and emotions. She wrote all of the poems, songs, and quatrains to focus on spirituality and love.

September 2017

I Want You Lord

I want to be with you, O Lord.
I want to sit beside you, Lord.
Jesus, do you remember me
when I knelt under your stars—skies? 

I want from you something to say.
I want from you something to write.
Jesus, will you bless me, guide me,
anoint my steps with your healing?

I want you to show me where to go.
I want to see you—Beloved One.
Jesus. Take me. Take me. Take me.
I want only to be with you.


I went to Church twice today.
Was Blessed by His Holy Name
with the Christians,
and Blessed by the Beloved
Mary, Mother of Jesus,
with the Catholics.

The soft soprano voices
sang Alleluia to Her name.

The loud altos and tenor lead
sprang into song with Praise His Name. 

The Communion liturgies were the same 
with bread and wine,
bringing blessings from their names.

August 2017

Is Anybody Listening To Me Cry

Is anybody listening to my cry
knocking at the door of your heart?
I’m asking if you would share my pain
and rejoice within my claim to joy.

Is anybody listening to my scream?
Are you just phantom hosts in my dreams,
All alone in the quiet of the moonlight
waiting for someone to come in?

A small voice from a world of men
sings out to the traveler’s call.
Answering my cry in the stillness
of the night, beneath the star filled sky
under a world of it all.

Travelers join on the journey that’s going by
and knock a second time.

O Sovereign Lord

O Sovereign Lord…
Take our hands unto you.
Take our new hearts with you.
Give us the sound of your voice.
And with our mouths,
we’ll deliver your praise.

O Sovereign Lord…
Create in us righteous love.
Create in us humbling thanks.
Grant in us loving spirits.
And with our mouths,
we’ll deliver your praise. 

O Sovereign Lord…
Bless our minds to know you.
Bless our souls to feel you.
Send us your daily blessings.
And with our mouths,
we’ll deliver your praise.

July 2017

A New Home

I want to find a new home now—, 
a small country place, 
with a kitchen filled with all the food 
needed to prepare an expensive fare
on assorted plates and antique silverware. 

I shall have some peace there, 
to make my heart content
from sunrise until the sun is spent. 
With my books at my bedside, I’ll read until midnight 
claims my rest with my beloved guest.

June 2017

His Humanity

If we want to be close to the Lord,
we must emulate His humanity.

 By His temptation, He shows us and
gives us a vision of His human life.

The essence of His being is the will of
the Father to embrace the cross.

We must follow the spirit and make a choice
to minister in fellowship.

Choose to accept God.
Choose to confess sins.
Choose to fast and pray.
Choose to be God-like.

 He will feed us with His word in response
to His call to be empowered in His name.

Be transformed. Pull away from the essence
of our humanity. Choose to walk with God.

Go forth in the presence of the son.
Embrace the cross. Do thy Heavenly Father’s will.

May 2017


God is the bread of life.
He rained down manna to eat
as His gifts to restore our souls
to reach a measurement of dignity.

God is Abba – Giftor.
Jesus is our blessed gift.
Holy Spirit is now gifting
an abundance of love for us all.

April 2017

This Week of Holies Brought Easter

Palm Sunday began a sacred and great new week
of mourning, remission, penance, and salvation.
In one brief well-executed week, Jesus entered
Jerusalem knowing death was forthcoming.
He shared His vision through parables, wonders,
and miracles before crowds on His way to the cross.

He hosted a dinner with wine and the
exhibition of His servitude by washing their feet.
To His disciple guests, He proclaimed,
someone here will betray me and one
will deny me three times.
Not I. Not I. God forgave them then –
us now, as He died for our sins
and said, “Father forgive them.”

He suffered death, was buried and ascended
into heaven where He is waiting our arrival.
With Easter, we commemorate the
resurrection of Jesus Christ and
His triumph over death.

March 2017

Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday begins His blessings of Lent.
Come forward to be marked with the sign of the cross:
asking for life transformation and renewal,
asking acceptance in accordance with His will,
asking to bask in His brightness and holiness,.

Asking with resolute commitment for guidance
while waiting for Him until the Day of Salvation.
God’s granting of His will echoes righteousness and
dignity of love in the presence of the Holy.

February 2017

I Wish I Could Again

I would study the Bible with you,
to learn and live the Ten Commandments,
to practice communicating with God,
to show you how to live Godly lives.
I would teach you the need for respect,
to obey all the laws and see them as protective,
to work and excel in classes for your school teachers,
to achieve academically through graduate school.
I would teach you lessons of stewardship,
to save and spend your money,
to manage and use your time,
to win and keep your friendships.
I would consider you when making decisions,
to vacation at places to expand your life experiences,
to live in a home for your growth and stability,
to remain a family until you are gone from home.
I wish I could do it all over again….

January 2017

The Dreamer Dreams

Looking up, the sky's white clouds tell stories;
Portraits showing the day's expectancy.
Looking around...people, places, events
Justify dreams formulating in mind.

Looking down, the ground is a mere carpet
Carrying me forward where wanting goes.
Closing my eyes to see dreams unfolding---

Dreams intervene.
Dreams guide.
Dreams recant.
Dreams coach.
Dreams murmur.
Dreams comfort.
Dreams anoint.
Dreams indwell.
Dreams overflow.
Dreams endure.

Dreams come revealing my life's lights.

December 2016

Dream Clock 

Today I felt a dream unfolding.
It was a new passion in my heart.
It gave me joy as I turned and thought
About dreams only seen in my heart.

 It was me on a sandy brown beach.
No other people in sight—just me.
Awakening I felt brown sand dunes.
Eyes open, it’s my brown clock. It’s noon.

November 2016

Be True To Yourself

They say to thine own self be true.
But what is truth for your own self?
Is truth the real state estate of being?
Is truth what we make for ourselves?
Is truth simply dreams we repeat again?
Making them true for thine own self.
Is it seeing into thyself?

September 2016

Thank You for Your Presence

Thank you for the presence of mind to forgive myself for my sins.
You forgave me and allowed me to be one of your own again.
Thank you for permitting me to take steps with you walking alone.
You have carried me closely when I insisted I was alone.
Thank you for showing me favor when others resented your choice.
You ordered my steps and stayed close when others grumbled and walked away.
Thank you for hearing my spirit and remaking it to Holy.
 You have promised to keep your word in my life to recoil the strife.

August 2016

Planning Your Days

Planning your days leads to flexibility with ease.
Your schedule lists numerous tasks to keep you growing.
Busy. No time to pop the corn or uncork the wine.
You play at life with child-like ambition while doing
and comprehending when you go and where you go to.
Old age. Tired days. Winter years. Make you want to play house,
cleaning, cooking, going out and about for errands,
discovering new sights, looking forward to new days.
Plan and prepare for next days with adjustments in time.
Slow down, breathe, stretch, exercise, and enjoy life’s journey.
It’s not only the scenery and the snacks you’ll miss
by being too busy, going too fast or too slow.
You’ll miss senses for seeing and feeling when you go,
along with the senses of hearing where you should go.

July 2016

Quatrains describe emotions.


Exhaustion drains strength from all my energy.
and completely consumes my mental state.
It draws all the energy from my parts,
exhausting my whole body completely.

June 2016

Together as One

We were together as one.
We separated—everything gone.
You said, I ruined your life.
I said when you left, you ruined mine.
Many years passed, brought new days.
I am reaching out to forgive you.
Forgive me and take my hand.
Let’s be together as one, again.

May 2016

My Heart

Lacerating my heart from his painful presence,
I feel like my heart is protruding within me.
Surrendering again may yield similar pain,
pulling away violently as a petite one.
Must I furnish another to show life’s course?
Will he, too, tear my heart into anger, grief?
How will I know another as the intended?
God will rend me accordingly again.
Surely, God will rend me according to my need.

April 2016

We Become Fishers of Men

He calls us to work His vocation.
Minister the work of His calling.
Follow Him as an alcoholic
with a thirsty need for beverage,
as we become fishers of men.

Do not be afraid. He is nearby.
We are now entangled – unable
to unloose or forfeit His calling.
He sends us work in His vocation—
to bring forth His call for transgressors,
as we become fishers of men.

Functioning as powerful humans
to single out these sinner-beings,
using our responsibilities
with the grace of God, not by ourselves.
Rise up. Be guiding lights for others.
Glow for new believing families,
as we become fishers of men.

March 2016

My Body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit

My body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.
In my temple, I glorify Him;
a place where I stand my ground,
knowing His grace means peace be still.
Face down, I come to praise and worship
outside my comfort zone.
I watch. I pray. Help’s on the way.
As He sends me to gather in His sheep
who have gone astray,
I wait. He comes to engage my spirit 
and direct my path.
A bright light shines straight for the
path of the Lord. In them, I walk.
In my temple, I glorify Him.

February 2016 - Songs of Love

Love Me Today

Trust in our good love and let’s enjoy the delight,
like dawn awakens before sun begins to shine.
Bright light opens my eyes to see you.
Here I am to love you.

You and I are bound together by love.
Let’s not ruin the race. Just hold on. Just hold on.  
Tell me more. I’ll move with you knowing
morning dew will renew our love.


My love. Shout out loud. Scream above the crowd.
Hear me. See me. Fly to me. Love me today.
My love. Shout out loud. Scream above the crowd.
Hear me. See me. Fly to me. Love me today.

January 2016

Turning Sixty

Turning Sixty—the best and worst of times.
For a woman, she’s moving down the line.
For a man, he’s elegant in his stance.
Her gray acquiesces grand-mother-dom.
His gray distinguishes maturity.
Her black dress needs correcting underwear.
His pouch looks healthy and acceptable.
Aging for both resembles down-hill skiing
on an upward slope.

The sixties are like year 1960:
turbulent looking for shelter ahead,
dream deferring as dreams never arrive,
separated by caste, cash, class, and style.
Revolutionary – as she steps ahead.
Unequal still as he and she 
proffer to be yet young.

December 2015

My Epiphany

My epiphany…designed to illustrate
the warm, affectionate presence of God.

Bright shining star I see at night unveils
the grace and redemption by Jesus Christ.

Daily whispers and ordering my steps
raise me to a new form of believer.

The gifts of trust and faith elevate me
to await the moment when Christ enters
the world again with His preeminence
and fullness of grace.


His entitlement demanded his new renown.
Your “honor” exceeded his rightful title.
Above all those below his thorough knowledge,
he presented the evidence of his right.

November 2015

Thank You for This Place

Thank you for being with me in this place and giving me the time of my life.
Thank you for leading me to discover and discern my creativity.
Thank you for giving me guidance each day, but help me to listen and obey.
You know my needs better than I do.
Because of this separation, I believe it is thy will to be done.
When it’s time for me to leave, I will know as you will whisper to me so.
Help me to accept help in my creativity and recognize
it when it flashes before my eyes.
Thank you for showing me the artist’s way as I peer at my steps ahead.


Thankful expressions of gratitude
are appreciated by others.
An acknowledgement of a kindness
or favor is simply—I thank you.

October 2015

So Much Unfinished Business

I have so much unfinished business.
Do I continue to procrastinate
until my work pile is too wet to dry?
I cannot decide what I should do first.

I have so much unfinished business.
Is it because my grasp exceeds my hands,
catching completeness in days, months or years?
Go away, Some Day. Decide what to do.

September 2015

Journey Life

There is no greater joy than your first born.
Seeing its face until you know him-her.
Eager sounds of life come screaming so loud,
you don't understand, you're feeling so proud.

There is no greater joy than your first love.
It captures your heart and mind, being and soul.
Feeling bashful, fearful, love struck, hopeful,
you confess these feelings never grow old.

There is no greater joy than saying, "I do."
Promises for life filled with optimism,
everyone looking on wishing you well.
You believe no secrets never to tell.

There's no greater joy than traveling.
Discovering others in happy and strife,
finding newly created things best ever seen.
You see-it's beautiful-this journey, life.

August 2015

Re-parenting My-self 

I think I will re-parent my-self.
My parents were inexperienced and uneducated in parenting.
To begin, I will mourn their wounds bringing our end for a new beginning.
This new life comes forth full of yes's, magically replete with tenderness.
Answers complete with explanations, cast by new messengers of all ages.

Re-parenting begins with baby steps.
No shaming devices for closets, attics, cellar doors, or emotional floors.
No criticism needed to dismiss the ridiculous showing me good.
As I commit to newer journeys of addiction for more compassion:
oxygen for my soul and respect for my concept of doting parents.

Re-parenting heals the real of my-self.
Blankets are used as cover to conceal my dysfunctional childhood,
so I may self-exchange my tantrums for respectful reality.
Seeing perfection by installing batteries of discipline in my soul
to make a more responsible — sufficiently over-achieving me.

July 2015

Friendship Stands

Our true friendship stands resiliently.
Its chords make standing and sharing real.
Old friends stand close by spiritually.
Miles are menaces that stand between us.
Caring is the rich understanding that
helps withstand the time of separation.

June 2015

Father Preaching-Man

My father is my favorite preacher,        
standing tall above other preachers small.
I peek in his study to watch him read,
sometimes he repeats many words aloud.

He takes happenings from our family life,
stories from new-old reflections of strife,
from experiences of people he won…
His personal testimony of what he’s done.

From the presence and power of the Lord,
father works in communities through lives.
What’s heard on Sunday comes as no surprise,   
poetry immersed in a sermon disguise.

May 2015


True friendships of time are defined by years
no matter the distance of passing years.
No obstacles may come between our years,
as I’ll spend eternity loving those years.

April 2015

My Best Friend

Every morn I ask my friend: How are you feeling?
Every response is: Fine, thank you. Or ugh!
Every ‘fine’ means no trials or hurdles in sight.
Every ‘ugh’ spells no sunrise comes after midnight.

In none of my childish dreams or plans, did I think
in our real life that you would be my only friend.
In good times, we choose never to argue at all.
In bad times, we are lonely as no one calls.

Each morning, I see no remnants of you.
Each afternoon, our power nap refreshes me.
Each daily walk, brings blue skies or dismal clouds of gray.
Each night, I take deep breaths intending to end the day.

A new day imports events to look forward to.
A noon daybreak sends novel potential friends, too.
A memory recalled sheds light on what we’ve done.
A night time calm tells me… it’s just you-me as one.

March 2015

Miracle of Jesus

Jesus’ miracles enter into our lives 
with the genuine embrace of God.
His ministry of healing teaches us 
the revelations of God’s perfect will.
Medicine emulates the Holy—
purifying and renewing the body.
Jesus came to nourish our minds, and His 
touch modulates the goodness of God.
His mystery of salvation indwells 
the mastery of God’s benevolence.
We have never seen anyone like Him, 
who teaches righteousness and forgiveness.
Miracles of Jesus call us to be cured and 
redeemed into a new life with God.

February 2015


Emotions communicate feelings from the brain—
identifying emotions help manage feelings.
Emotions show feelings from your range of rage to calm.
Understanding my emotions helps you, help me.
Understanding your emotions helps me, help you.
Blocking emotions stifle our effectiveness.
Blending emotions hold our feelings together.

January 2015


To learn to live and love again separates
me from my old self attached to you.
Standing still contemplating my worth,
results in grasping someone else’s belief.
By repressing my old desires, needs, and
wants, I feel may lead to new enjoyment.
Being responsible for my choices makes
me believe in various options: 

To make my home life better.
Comfort. Beauty brings pleasure.
To be super successful.
Growth. Money buys many things.
To find balance in my life.
Want. Need. Receive. Give. Forgive.
To live a decent life.
Choose. Move. Start. Patience. Heal.

December 2014

We’re Celebrating the Christ Child’s Birth

The Christ Child was born long ago
to a fourteen-year old virgin,
and people said it could not be. 

Joseph stepped forth to claim the Christ Child.
We’ve continued to commemorate
His Birth—for years and a long while.

We plan festive times in advance
as to where we shall celebrate
at Grandma’s, Aunt B’s, or with me,
sitting at tables for dinner
with turkey, ham—liver paté,
green trimmings, and sweet soufflé.

We decorate and decorate
wreaths and lights and trees with a star,
until it looks spectacular.
Only then are we reminded
that the observance is of Him…
We’re celebrating the Christ Child’s birth.

November 2014

We Become Fishers of Men

He calls us to work his vocation.
Minister the work of his calling.
Follow him as an alcoholic
with a thirsty need for beverage.
As we become fishers of men.

Do not be afraid. He is nearby.
We are now entangled – unable
to unloose or forfeit his calling.
He sends us work in his vocation –
to bring forth his call for transgressors.
As we become fishers of men.

Functioning as powerful humans
to single out these sinner-beings
using our responsibilities
with the grace of God. Not by ourselves.
Rise up. Be guiding lights for others.
Glow for new believing families.
As we become fishers of men.

October 2014

Forgive and Forget-Free Yourself

Angels testify.
The gift of redemption is hard work,
but, joyful labor.
Rise up. Fly with strengthened character.
You’ll be free like birds.
He is always willing to forgive.
Just answer. Here I am, Lord. Send me

September 2014

Love God

Love God. Love your neighbor. God is Love.
The test of a true love that is Holy and golden
is to love your enemy.
Impediments to our journey and perseverance
of our God is the impetuous meaning of the moment.
Turn to God. Feel His presence. We are not alone.
We are favored in a sense of fullness and betterment with God.
The Holy Spirit joins us with the Father
to give God glory as the emblem and
seal of resurrection.
Affiliation with Jesus means
we are fully absorbed. Happy or sad with 
God, through Jesus who loves us.
Love can be dynamic, physical, spiritual,
with wealth of goodness and holiness.
Love God. Love your neighbor. God is Love.
Source: Feeling Wheels

August 2014

I Have Not Wept

I have not wept.
I move rapidly throughout every day
believing sad will pass quickly away.

I have not wept.
Because the breadth and depth of my pain,
so severe, tears can't calm, but only bring shame.

I have not wept.
My ire is too intense to relegate
itself to shedding such menial tears.

O, I did weep.
One night when the wind hurled into my eyes,
and the phantom tears reflected my cries.

Source: Feeling Wheels

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